Defy Wine

They love wine, so they got rid of the pretension and all the fuss around it and they put it in a can, because cans are easy for people (and good for the planet).

It was important to produce a really good wine and that is why DEFY is Soil Association Certified Organic and vegan-friendly. It is grown and made in small batches, hand-crafted in Abruzzo, Italy.

They don't go in for complex words or typical wine-speak when they talk about their wine and what they do. Just look at their main description; "It's from Italy, it's organic, and it's wet." It was really important to them to strip away all the complexity and snobbery that usually accompanies wine and just be direct. 

This is not wine education. There are plenty out there who want to educate you about wine; they just bring you great wine to enjoy when, where and how you want. With DEFY, you can trust it's going to be made well with a lot of care at every stage.

Available 24/7 within 60mins. #AlwaysOpen

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