Maison SASSY

SASSY is the disruptive face of traditional cider. Originating from the Chateau de Sassy, Normandy, the tradition of cider and calvados making has been preserved by Xavier’s family since 1852. The production process is derived from apple and pear extraction and is free of additives. The enhanced aromas of the fruit exude fresh, well-balanced flavours. From carefully selected varieties of apples and pears to bottling, everything is 100 % locally sourced and produced. Their cider brings together craft and creativity, blending authentic Norman provenance with contemporary cocktail culture. Made with 100 % natural juice, lower ABVs and fewer calories, SASSY is more than simply cider – it’s the perfect aperitif, wine alternative and cocktail ingredient.

Available 24/7 within 60mins. #AlwaysOpen

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