Mr Nice

Born in a small village in Wales, UK, Howard Marks became one of the world’s favourite cannabis barons. An Oxford University Nuclear Physics and Philosophy of Science graduate, he travelled the world as an international man of mystery, using over thirty different aliases an identities. NICE by name and NICE by nature, Howard preached non-violence and became a counter-culture hero and cannabis activist. Over the course of his colourful life, Howard was famously acquitted of the largest importation of cannabis into the UK, having audaciously blamed the CIA, MI6 and the Mexican Secret Services for his actions. Seven years later he was arrested by the DEA, for smuggling cannabis around the world, and sentenced to twenty five years in one of America’s toughest penitentiaries. He served seven years and kept busy by teaching inmates English and philosophy, helping them with their legal cases, contributing to international debates on cannabis laws, and practising yoga daily. 

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