Gunna Drinks Craft Soft Drinks - Mixed Case (12 Cans)

by Gunna Drinks Ltd


Gunna make the soft drinks that they love, with full on flavour and true character. The antidote to bland recipes and forgettable personalities.
Try all 4 of our flavours (3 of each), each inspired by a recipe discovered from round the world, all packed with natural juices and flavours for a burst of characterful flavour.

Pack Contains:

3 x Lemonade With A Hit Of Mint

3 x Raspberry Lemonade

3 x Cola & Ginger

3 x Ginger Lemonade

All under 73 calories per can, vegan friendly, and of course in infinitely recyclable aluminium cans.

Available 24/7. Within 60mins. #AlwaysOpen