Nail Clippers Manicure Set Grooming Kit

by drop24


The Nail Clippers Manicure Set for keeping yourself neat and tidy whether at home or on the move. All pieces made from tungsten Carbon Steel and presented in a steel framed, PU leather covered case. The manicure pedicure set contains 14 stainless steel tools (Scissors, Nail clippers, Cuticle remover, Cutter, etc) for everyday grooming and hygiene needs. All grooming kits are packaged in a handy portable PU leather case with classical looking and built to last. Ideal gadget with compact size for travel and daily use. Suitable for women and men, this is a perfect gift or daily surprise gift to your families and friends. This nail kit are manufactured by careful processes of cutting, polishing, corrosion, laser engraving, plating, screen printing etc. Please store and keep this away from children.

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