TORRAS Crystal Clear for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

by drop24


Ultra Clear as you want, non yellowing as you need. This Crystal Clear case fully brings back your new phone's shine beauty. Higher Anti-Yellowing performance, you can always appreciate your new phone's stunning look without barrier.

Your costly new phone is under trusted protect with TORRAS patent X-SHOCK fort on the four corners, stay safe and sound from accident drops. Enhanced raised lips around the screen and camera keep away any scratches or scuffs hurt. Your iPhone will also appreciate your smart choice.

This slim phone case gives a snug fit to your brand new iphone 12 pro max, you feel like holding the bare phone while with more grip. Flexible resilient design, make your phone stay cosy with care, also a breeze to put on or off. This iPhone 12 Pro Max Phone Case adopted safe imported DE Odor-Free and Eco-friendly TPU gel material to protect you and your family's health. Especially when the cellphone is becoming your inseparable close friend.

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